Store Updates: Goin’ Old School in British Columbia

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Things are going nuts around here lately; crazy mad updates.  This time; we’re going retro. Even older than D2; whenever the hell that was released.

We’re harkening back to Trevor Linden, Tiger Williams, and early Pavel Bure; yes I’m talking the vaunted V Canucks sweater.  It’s as quintessential as it’s ugly; as necessary as it’s not.

Seriously; check em out.

As always; there’s other versions here; turns out there’s no gold t-shirt in the standard weight tee; so it’s only in the heavyweight option. Shitty.


Store Addition: Iceland’s Best

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Oh man. I recently went to the home opener of the AHL’s Hershey Bears, my brother invited one of his college buddies, and he had what could only be described as a monumental feat in tshirt production; a Charlie Conway #9 Mighty Ducks shersey.

You know sherseys; the tshirt jerseys; what everyone buys when they’re not totally committed to the $150 jersey purchase.

But back to Charlie; what could be better than reliving the 1994 Goodwill Games, featuring the matchup of Conway’s Team USA versus Gunnar Stahl’s rival Team Iceland.

Why with a Gunnar Stahl shersey, of course.

Now note; yes I realize that ‘Dammit Vance, that isn’t the Viking helmet off the jersey in the movie!’ but I’m all like ‘You seriously want me to go up against Disney lawyers?!’.

And another note; since there’s more colors/images in the design, that’s why it costs more, nothing I can really do about that unfortunately. Well, except offer a cheaper version. Boom.

But seriously; email us at with any ideas you have.  Seriously.  We need ideas.

New Design: Celebrate Roy Halladay’s No-Hitter

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It’s been a while; there’s no doubt about that; but here’s a new one for you. We told you it wouldn’t just be hockey; it couldn’t be. So with that said; was there anything more bad ass than Roy Halladay’s Game 1 NLDS no hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies? Go ahead; you can hate the Phillies as much as anybody; but hell if you weren’t rooting for history.

So guess what; we’re celebrating Doctoberfest all month long. So; we give you the Doctoberfest t-shirt; celebrating the momentous occassion. It’s like the Ford Truck Event; but way, way, cooler.

Check out the designs yo.

So anyways; there’s more versions up on the ThreadShop; so check em out.

Store Additions: Fire Sather

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Oh, Glen Sather.  The poor bastard, ole Slats couldn’t do wrong there for a while; in the 80s.  But, boy oh boy, did things turn ugly.  And ugly they are for the Rangers, they’re iconic off the ice, but on it, well, thank God for Henrik Lundqvist.

That brings us to today’s addition to the ThreadShop, already available, it’s the Fire Sather tee.  Home jersey tees, away jersey tees, whatever, it’s all there, and they all say the same thing, fire Sather.

So without further ado.

There’s also a grey option, a navy one too. So please; do check out the updated store.

Design Updates – 6/22

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Two new designs coming folks; for the disgruntled faithful of the New York Rangers as well as the tried and true men and women of Chicago, meaning, fans pre-Kane. I’m talkin’ fans of the Tyler Arnason led ‘Hawks, poor bastards.

Also; look for updates to the Hershey Bears designs to be coming as well, white/tan options to go with the current brown versions.

So check back folks: ThreadShop.

Unfortunately on the one design; I didn’t even think that Calder Cup would be trademarked, but alas, it is, so before I get a cease and desist (highly unlikely) from the AHL, it’s been altered.

I’ve learned so much about intellectual property law today I could be a freakin’ lawyer.

ThreadShop Grand Opening Extravaganza

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It’s true; the first shirts are being added to the BanginPanger ThreadShop, we’re not built out quite yet, but it’s coming. I’ve enlisted a friend, an artistic one, to help get things going, and worth all your whiles. Naturally, we’re using the SpreadShirt platform, so prices are pretty well dictated by them.

But the first shirts are up; all celebrating the victorious Hershey Bears and their record 11th Calder Cup Championship.

Calder Cup ChampionsCalder Cup Champions

Now, don’t you fret; there’s plenty more where this came from, as well as the humor and inappropriateness you’ve grown to love about me (I know you do). With plenty of things to come, hockey and not-so-hockey related.

Visit the ThreadShop to see all the offerings so far, and seriously, if you want something; let me know, we’ll try to get it done. I’m all about servicing you.

So if you’ve got anything to say; any suggestions or ideas; or you just wanna bitch at us. Email Seriously, it’s a real address.

Hope y’all enjoy and keep checkin’ back, we’re really ramping up the ideas now.

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